Bring your content to the world

Iyuno Media Group presents MDX, technology to effectively manage content distribution, sales and licensing.
We are partnering with LYD International, who offer high quality content as well as supporting your distribution and licensing needs,
with a wide network in North America, Europe and Asia.

A new kind of content distribution company

LYD boasts a portfolio of the best content from all over the world.
From K-Dramas to globally recognized TV channels and international short-form content,
LYD curates, aggregates, delivers and manages content for its international partners.
Together with our cutting edge localization technology and content discovery through MDX,
it offers an unparalleled distribution service for all content platforms across the world.

No more DIY, no more hassle

Not just another platform but a brand-new service

There are numerous online content distribution platforms and marketplaces available today,
but the industry still relies on traditional content distribution methods.
MDX offers a perfect solution. Our content managers located across 15 different countries will support you
with content registration and data curation while streamlining your experience with content performance analysis.
Our content managers will ensure that your content reaches the rest of the world on a scale that was not possible before MDX.

MDX Workflow

Content Manager

Our content managers will support you in the onboarding process for MDX, helping you to manage your content and register the metadata associated with it.

Register and

Performance data and analysis of your content will be provided to further target specific regions and demographics and determine what kind of localization will boost your sales.

Content Report

As content goes live, sales proposals can immediately be generated for potential buyers.

Distribution and Licensing

Once content is sold, we can provide both localization services as well as content delivery with available revenue-share models.

MDX - Global Presence

Onboarding support available in 30 countries