Nearly 500 million people are hearing or visually impaired around the world, which is why we understand the importance of helping you create an inclusive entertainment experience through our subtitling, closed captioning and audio description services.

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The World Health Organization estimated 466 million in the world with disabling hearing loss in 2018 and 253 million that are visually impaired in 2019.

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To maximize content in this market, you need to reach every type of audience. Iyuno has the scale to help you tell more accessible and immersive stories for millions to experience.


With one or two lines of text placed at the bottom of the screen, stories are brought to life. We offer subtitling formats designed to match any type of content and bring the speech to life in your audience's local languages.


With one or two lines of text placed at the bottom of the screen, stories are brought to life. We offer closed caption formats that match content hearing impaired audiences can experience.


Take your stories to new heights by adding narration to your content that describes each on-screen action for your visually impaired and language learning audiences.

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Ushering in an age of unlimited potential with extensive quality control

Our extensive, technology-driven quality control process guarantee projects are delivered under the tightest of turnaround times, while surpassing the highest level of quality you’d expect from a leading global localization provider.

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Customized workflows, specialized project managers and transparent communication every step of the way. Whatever it is, your needs are our top priority.

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