Closed Captioning - TV, Internet, Mobile

Based on the patented platform, i-Yuno’s closed captioning service for video or offline/online event offers minimal pricing at near-realtime or realtime delivery to any platform such as TV, mobile and Internet with managed quality control.

Subtitling - in 45 different languages

Offering most of all caption and subtitle technical requirements, i-Yuno ensures the best combination of quality and price. This comes from its advanced technology basis, strong customer support culture and regional language teams located across its global offices.

Dubbing - in 22 different languages

Combination of industry’s highest standard audio  platforms such as ProTools along with top professional engineers, directors and voice talents, i-Yuno offers the best dubbing and audio post production service for localization – proven by many customer testimonials.

What customers say

  • 20130918_fic-logo"I have 100% trust in i-Yuno’s ability to consistently deliver top quality service on time.  They are the perfect example of how I believe a first class versioning house should be like.  David Lee is an innovator who has taken the definition of versioning to a whole new level."

    - Joon Lee, Executive Vice President, Head of Content & Communications Asia Pacific & Middle East, Fox International Channels -

iMediaTrans is the heart of i-Yuno’s subtitling and captioning technology. The world’s most advanced subtitling and captioning cloud offers CDN powered low-res video streaming, fully browser-based subtitle and caption preparation, automatic transcoding of low-res video, pivot translation, multi-language translations, import/export of 100+ file formats, collaborative realtime subtitling or captioning and many more. It also offers the industry renowned automatic re-synchronisation of subtitles or captions against edited video using digital fingerprinting technology.  Plus it offers connectivity to CaptionCast servers or mobile/Internet subtitling.

iMT Logo


World’s 1st digital fingerprint triggered servers sit inside your transmission chain, listens to the incoming audio/video from your video server, queries the iMediaTrans Cloud for matching contents and cues subtitles or captions to your TV in realtime.   This ensures an errorless caption server that requires zero operational effort and runs fully by itself. Learn more about CaptionCast or see the CaptionCast FAQ.

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