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The next generation of project management system

MSX fully supports API Integration. We provide clients with faster and easier material/asset transfers and real-time project tracking - with full visibility

  • Capacity Management
  • Freelancer Resource Management
  • Unlimited Workflow Combinations
  • Client Dashboard

MSX Editor - Versatile Editor

Supports industry standard workflows including subtitling, captioning, transcription, multi-language translation, and fast-track subtitling. It also offers the Dubbing Script Editor, which helps digitize scripts shared with the voice talent prior to recording.

  • Automatic QC
  • Technical Specifications Management
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Warnings & Spell Check
  • Real-Time Collaborative Mode

Digitized Dubbing Workflow

From voice talent casting to recording, the portal is an end-to-end solution that can be applied to narration dubbing, lip-sync dubbing and audio description. The entire process is digitized.

  • Casting Manager
  • Dubbing Script Editor
  • Dubbing Manager
Localization Tools

MSX Mobile App

Iyuno Media Group’s MSX Mobile app enables our teams to stay on top of projects 24/7, by allowing them to track progress and adjust workflows remotely.

  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Project Status
  • Project Assignment
  • Video Player for QC

Flexible API Integration

MSX offers a wide range of APIs that enable our customers to:


ordering system


Simplify material
transfer tasks through
MAM integration


Track proxies and
related materials'
status real-time


Track projects
real-time without
leaving the system

Jetfiles - Secure & Rapid Content Delivery

Next-generation content-transfer solution guaranteeing a secure and reliable service over global IP networks. JetFiles is integrated with MSX to offer a fast and seamless file transfer experience for our clients.