With over six million minutes of dubbing content in 80+ languages, Iyuno is helping introduce new cultures and experiences to audiences around the world. Our network of 105 owned-and-operated studios provide you with global coverage and connectivity.

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Iyuno was proud to provide the French, Polish and Thai Language Dubbing on The Crown, Seasons 1-3.

Dubbing Services

Our Services

This is where technology-driven localization meets dubbing innovation for global OTT and streaming content that audiences can connect to.


Our in-house, hands-on dubbing directors and sound engineers are creators, too. They understand how to navigate the dubbing nuances to deliver nothing short of dubbed perfection.


Our creative excellence means unmatched multilingual experts working in over 80+ languages, delivering captivating voice over performances for seamless viewing experiences across major blockbuster films to animated children's series.


Add narration to your content that aligns precisely with your character's native tongues. Words that fit on-screen movements perfectly and are natural to the viewer's eye.


Our database of voice talents, dubbing directors and other key members of creative localization teams allow us to easily search and select top-notch talents that exceeds your project requirements.


With our project management technology, you can sort, filter and apply voice samples to content clips. We've made it easy to identify the perfect talents, tones and dialogue consistency to bring your project to life.

Remote Recording

Delivering business continuity through our remote recording solution, iDub

iDub is a groundbreaking platform and application that powers professional-quality remote location dubbing on a global scale. It is designed to overcome the geographic and physical separation of creative audio localization teams. Best of all, our reputation speaks for itself. Iyuno and its remote recording products fully support the Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA) and guarantee that iDub is fully compliant with the standardization guidelines and protocols that are being established industry-wide.

Guaranteed Iyuno Quality

The same studio collaboration you know and love

The iDub Booth & Mic Kit includes a field-deployable acoustic structure with controllable sound absorbing properties, a professional microphone and an iPad featuring the proprietary iDub iOS Application. Because all iDub Kits contain the same booth, acoustic materials and microphone, the output guarantees consistent quality. The iDub App lets sound engineers run sessions with the ability to control the video and recording. And directors are on-hand to give artistic cues, too.

Voice talents, engineers, dubbing directors and assistants can collaborate together in real-time through the iDub App.

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Untapped Capacity

Meeting your dubbed content needs, and then some.

Increase your capacity and revenue with our comprehensive dubbing services. We make it possible to capture dubbing, voice over and lip sync for your content in our traditional, state-of-the-art studios and through our remote recording network.

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