Understanding the local market is key to remaining competitive with the plethora of options available. With more demand, platforms and content to choose from, make your content the No. 1 option for audiences around the world. Our network and comprehensive compliance database keeps track of what is and isn’t accepted in native regions so your content is aligned with SMPTE & Ofcom.

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Iyuno was proud to provide the Localization Services for The Rookie, Season 2.

Recognizing Standards & Codes

Up-to-date on the latest technical developments and requirements in the industry

Our experienced in-house editors and QC artists stay on par with the latest technical developments and requirements in the industry. Content that is consumed by billions of viewers around the world deserves to be seen and heard in the highest possible quality on any display screen. SMPTE has assisted in advancing the motion-imaging industry through all of the major transitions, from the advent and integration of sound and color to the shift from celluloid and analog to digital formats, including digital cinema, high-definition TV (HDTV), and 3D TV. Ofcom’s broadcasting codes provide guidance, technical requirements and other broadcasting matters to TV and radio broadcasters.

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Our technology and management systems work autonomously to manage the various content compliance requirements for America, Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific regions and editing requisites all in one pass.


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