Iyuno Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community

June 22, 2020

Iyuno Respects People. This is our core value.
It is core because it is an essential part of our culture in building a global business. We can’t work across over 30 countries as ONE Team without overtly and consistently displaying the utmost respect for others, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or creed.

Connecting Content and Connecting People is our vision.
Our work in media enables people to engage in a relationship with the all-too-human struggles, experiences, and revelations of global cultures and communities, through the stories creators share worldwide.

We believe that change will come as we not only respect one another, but further understand each other as well. We are seeking that understanding with everything we do.

protesters, group of people walking, urban city

Iyuno is enacting a 5-Step Action Plan to support racial equality in communities across the world.

01 Educate

We have aggregated a list of educational resources on ways to help fight injustice that can  read here.

02 Investigate

We encourage you to explore and research ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement here.

03 Participate

We support peaceful protesting and are giving Iyuno employees one day of paid time off to unite and attend a rally or brainstorm other ways they can get involved. Check out other ways you can participate here.

04 Donate

We ask that you join us in donating to organizations that are using their platforms to help spread awareness including Black Lives Matter. To know what to look for when picking a charity, things to think about when donating, and some charity review sites to help you find a good charity click here.

05 Reiterate

We are engaging in conversations with our media and entertainment clients to share Iyuno’s actions and introduce them to organizations that need more voices from our industry including Until Freedom. Click here for more information.