Iyuno is Green

August 26, 2017

Protecting our environment for future generations

We at Iyuno Media Group take our commitment to environmental stewardship seriously, and we are conscious of how our business practices interact with the environment. In doing so, we are using creative and innovative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, both for good business and for the benefit of future generations.

bike on green grass

Iyuno cares about sustainability and it's green impact

01 Water Conservation

Iyuno Media Group's global offices use low-flow toilets and regularly check faucets for leaks.Staff are educated on the importance of water conservation, and signage throughout the offices encourage employees to turn off the tap while lathering and scrubbing hands.

02 Paper Conservation

Paper-making is the third most energy-intensive of all manufacturing industries and uses about 12% of all industrial energy. Iyuno Media Group's global offices staff are advised to "think before they print" and use both sides of paper when doing so Iyuno Media Group also strives to employ convenient technologies which eliminate the need for printed documents wherever possible.

03 Employee Events

Employees participate in team-building events to clean up litter in public parks, plant trees, and reduce carbon emissions by bicycling and walking to the office.

04 Go-Green Checklists

Initiatives under our Go-Green checklists include reducing energy consumption by turning off lights and un-plugging electrical equipment when not in use, as well as company-wide reduce, re-use and recycle campaigns.