iMediaTrans – World’s Most Advanced Subtitling & Captioning Cloud

Subtitling & Captioning Cloud Developed by a 12 year + International Subtitling & Captioning vendor.

Built out of experience, know-hows, demand and perfection.

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CDN Video Hosting – No need to setup FTPs, Quick access from anywhere in the world – even on 3G Internet!

Platform Independent – Engage vendors on the cloud from browsers (support Safari & Chrome), even on iPads!

Convenience – Various features developed from 12 years’ experience

Errorless – Minimize human errors by centralized technical spec control, Vendors are unable to change tech attributes

Affordable – No seat license, $4 per 1hr video duration per language, Pay as you go charging minimizes upfront cost!

Automate – Design workflows for series with multiple episodes, order multiple projects to multiple vendors at once!

Versatile – Design your workspace to fit your work type : time coding, subtitling, proofreading, technical review

Software-Free Platform

Subtitling S/Ws have been a hassle for any company when resources or vendors have problems installing and not being able to share the problem when working remotely – which is very common in this industry.

iMediaTrans is a website accessible via your personal computer, laptop or even iPad. Everything is made easy for you. No more downloading or installing as it is web-based in which all functions are the same across all operating systems and devices.

Industry Standard Technology

iMediaTrans supports most of the industry standard formats for subtitling and closed captioning. – DVB Subtitling : PAC, CIP, STL, etc
– Bitmaps : PNG, TGA, BMP, etc
– DVD/Blueray Subtitling
– Closed Captioning : Ultech, etc
– OTT/Web : SubtitleCast, SMI, SRT, CAP, etc
– NLE : Final Cut Pro XML, Premiere Pro AAF, etc
– Subtitle/Caption Burn-in

Click here to see all supported formats.

Effortless & Errorless Control

iMediaTrans’s innovative subtitling tool makes use of the world’s most advanced timecoding algorithm and CDN-driven video hosting service. Once you place an order, you’ll be able to check your vendor’s progress and quality of work with a single click. Once the first step of the workflow is done, it is automatically passed on to the next vendor based on your workflow design.

When your project is completed, all you need to do is to save it to your desired industry-standard subtitling or closed-captioning format.