CaptionCast & SubtitleCast – Errorless, Effortless Subtitling & Captioning


Connected Subtitling or Captioning Transmission for TV becomes reality.

For broadcasters, traditional subtitling and captioning was all about operations and tracking. Mis-operations led to errors and uploading videos to vendors, tracking each caption files, etc were a great hassle.

Now with iMediaTrans and CaptionCast, subtitling and captioning is done on the cloud with CDN video hosting and once done, the CaptionCast systems detect the incoming audio against fingerprints located on the cloud to cue subtitles automatically on the fly.Accutane
No need to worry about Internet connections as the system even works without Internet by synchronizing itself with the cloud as soon as the subtitles are done on the cloud.


Install CaptionCast at any part of your transmission by just plugging in the Internet and SDI In/Out then uploading your low res video to the cloud. All of the rest then becomes automatic.


CaptionCast TX Servers only requires SDI audio to identify and locate the content to service subtitles or captions. No integration nor additional connection with your scheduling system or video server is required.



 Yes, digital fingerprints. This state of the art technology is a small binary of an audio to uniquely identify and is not voice recognition. When you upload your video to our cloud, audio fingerprints are generated and stored for future matching.



CaptionCast TX Servers are installed at your transmission site or any part of the TX chain and connects to the cloud to automatically sync. However the connection is only required during preparation. During actual broadcast it does not require Internet.


Low Bandwidth

CaptionCast requires just standard Internet, very low bandwidth is also okay. Some customers use 3G connection. This is because the connection is only used to sync subtitle files and fingerprint files – which are very small.


No Internet during broadcast

All CaptionCast TX Servers are integrated with a local matching engine. Once your subtitles are done on the cloud, they are all copied with the fingerprints to the TX servers. Even if you lose Internet for days, your broadcast is perfectly done. You just can’t add new subtitles.

Zero operation

Whereas standard caption inserters require human operation, CaptionCast does not require any operation. Instead it runs by itself by always standing by to detect if the incoming audio matches any content on the cloud.


Most transmission-based subtitle or caption inserters are mis-operated due to wrong metadata or video timecodes. All of this is avoided with CaptionCast as it purely bases on the audio itself.


Since the technology uses audio itself to synchronize, it redundant against video edits, change of frame rates or play speeds. Even if your video is edited, your frame rate changes or play speeds are faster or slower, it keeps synchronizing to offer optimal subtitle or caption deliveries to viewers.

Quick turnarounds

Since CaptionCast systems offer great flexibility such as being able to synchronize subtitles to videos that have different edit than those uploaded initially to the cloud, it can be extremely useful in quick turnaround environments like newsrooms.

CaptionCast Connection Guide and Diagram

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